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I listed 9 brand new prints in C-Pop Commodities this afternoon! Anime Little Red Riding Hood, Unicorns, Mama and baby bears, Anime Bears, Lambs, Owls and trees, Dinosaurs, Apothescary bottles, and Spooky Shadows.

C-Pop Commodities

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As always, thank you for looking and extra thank you's to all my amazing customers! I recently broke 2000 items sold on Etsy! So amazing! I couldn't do this without you all! <3 <3 <3

If you don't know already, C-Pop Commodities has a FB page! "Like" the page for another place to catch updates! To be sure that you will see all of my FB updates/raffles/etc., hover your mouse over the "like" button at the top of the page, click on "settings," and then click on "all updates!"
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C-Pop Commodities is looking pretty bare bones right now, but I did just list 3 brand new prints! Seashells, squirrels and skulls! All sizes and absorbencies!

C-Pop Commodities

C-Pop Commodities

As always, thanks for looking and super big thanks to all my amazing customers! I couldn't do this without you all! I broke 1400 sales last weekend and I can't even believe it! :D

One more day left in my November Raffle! Get your entries in while you still can!

Also, please note! C-Pop Commodities will be closed from Friday November 9th, through Saturday November 24th. My last shipping day before closing my shop for a couple weeks will be Friday November 9th (This Friday!) -- Check back after my shop reopens for new listings!


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