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So there has been some talk recently (and in the past) of trying to get "the best deal" when buying pads. As a cloth pad seller, this really bums me out. Every. Single. Time. Not only does that sort of thought process discount all the hard work so many of us do, but it also means that the customer will possibly end up with inferior products. Which then means that they may not get to appreciate all the joys that cloth pads have to offer. Because at the time it was more important to save a few dollars, than spend an extra few buying a quality product.

That said, the amount of effort and time put into a well made cloth pad is in no way comparable to the prices the majority of us cloth pad sellers sell our wares at. -- Not because we enjoy undercutting ourselves or each other, but because it is very important to us to have our wares be affordable. I know for myself, I am already offering "the best deal" possible for my wares, and I feel like the prices the majority of us cloth pad sellers sell our pads (or cloth pad accessories) at, are already "good deals" based on the time and effort that we imbue in our products. I know for myself, I offer sale codes or free shipping because I think it's the simplest way to show appreciation for my customers, not because I think my pads (or other wares) are worth less money.

I am in no way trying to single people out, but I think it is important to note that there is so much more to selling cloth pads (or any handmade ware) than just sewing them. With that (and my desire to help the general public understand the work we do) in mind, here is a detailed list of everything I personally do for my business, in some manner of the order with which things happen. (I might have forgotten a few steps though, I do so much of this on auto-pilot now it's easy to overlook a few of the smaller steps.)

Cut to save space, the list is long. So are the following paragraphs. )


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